389 Water-Soluble Acrylic Sealant

///389 Water-Soluble Acrylic Sealant
389 Water-Soluble Acrylic Sealant 2019-01-28T13:41:57+09:00

Project Description

Product Information

Topseal 389 silicone sealant has excellent adhesion to various materials and can be applied on a dried surface and temporarily wet area. This water-soluble construction acrylic sealant does not have pungent smell or toxicity and is easy to use for repair work.


– Porous materials such as concrete, stone, mortar, slate, plastered wall, etc.
– Plaster board joint inside an apartment, office, etc.
– Joint sealing with relatively minor movement
– Crack repair on the joint of the outer wall


1. Can be painted on a dried surface
2. Can be applied to temporarily wet areas
3. Qualified for Industrial Standard: KS F 4910 F 12.5 E
4. Water-soluble type without smell and toxicity
5. Easy to use for repair work
6., Color : White, Gray
7. Packaging : 300ml cartridge


Cure Type Tack Free Time (min) Full Curing Time (day) Specific Gravity Hardness (Shore A) Tensile Strength (kgf/cm2)
Water Evaporation Type Within 60 mins (25℃,50%RH) 14~28 days 1.64 ± 0.03 30~35 5~10
Maximum Elongation (%) Movement Capacity (%) Ozone-/UV Rays-Proofing Construction Temperature (°C) Packaging
50~100 ±10 Excellent 5°C~40°C 300ml/cartridge