Neutral-X General Glazing Sealant

///Neutral-X General Glazing Sealant
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Project Description

Product Information

This neutral cure product can be wildly used for various buildings and
window construction with its excellent adhesion, durability, and weatherproofing.


– Neutral cure
– Various window and door glass construction
– Convenient use as one component type
– Excellent adhesion to various construction materials
– Non-corrosive on metal
– Excellent heat-, weather-proofing
– Color : Transparent, White, Ivory, Light ivory, Gray, DarkBronze, Bronze, Bright bronze, Red, Blue, Gold, Aluminum, Black, Green, Wood, Cherry, etc. (custom colors available)


– Various window and door glass construction
– PVC sash, wooden window, aluminum window sealing
– Prefabricated building joint
– Brick, concrete, painted surface, etc.


Cure Type Tack Free Time (min) Full Curing Time (day) Specific Gravity Hardness (Shore A) Tensile Strength (kgf/cm2)
Neutral cure Within 15 mins (25℃,50%RH) 7~14 days 1.42 ± 0.03 25~30 10~15
Maximum Elongation (%) Movement Capacity (%) Ozone-/UV Rays-Proofing Construction Temperature (°C) Packaging
300~400 ±20 Excellent 5°C~40°C 300ml/cartridge