Prime-X Premium Silicone Sealant

///Prime-X Premium Silicone Sealant
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Project Description

Product Information

Prime-X is a neutral-cure type, one-component premium grade sealant that exhibits excellent adhesion without primer on various substrates and suitable for window construction of various materials.


– General glazing
– Wood window frame glazing


1. Neutral cure (Oxime)
2. Good adhesion on wide range of substrates such as wood, PVC, metal
3. Medium modulus that can stand ±25% of contraction and expansion
4. Meeting Korean Industrial Standard. KS F 4910 G-C3725HM
5. Easy to use as one component type.C41
6. Excellent weatherability against sunlight, rain, snow, ozone etc.C52
7. Color : Translucent, White, Ivory, Grey, Lite Gray, Dark Bronze,
Lite Blue, Dark blue, Black, Red, Green, Wood, Cherry, etc.


Cure Type Tack Free Time (min) Full Curing Time (day) Specific Gravity Hardness (Shore A) (Shore A) Tensile Strength (kgf/cm2)
Neutral cure Within 15 mins (25℃,50%RH) 7~14 days 1.38 ± 0.03 20~35 10~15
Maximum Elongation (%) Movement Capacity (%) Ozone-/UV Rays-Proofing Construction Temperature (°C) Packaging
400~600 ±25 Excellent 5°C~40°C 300ml/cartridge